The GATEWAY is a Portal for Growth & Wellness with a spiritual thread, weaving together a community of like minded people.


The Gateway Portal was conceived to be and is a community of like-hearts and like-minds.  A collective of spirits to help foster and propagate consciousness by way of ever-evolving heart conscious modalities…

We are committed to empowerment by living in and from the heart, casting an expansive embrace that facilitates connection with one’s inner power so as to help immerse one another in each one’s own precious heart, knowing that the spirit, mind and body will follow.

All dimensions of The GATEWAY Portal speak from and to the gnosis that within everyone is the knowing that each of us is in pursuit of our own magnificence and illumination, each here to be beacons, shining love, and illuminating the planet.

Here at the Gateway Portal we offer:

  • High energy furnished office spaces for practitioners
  • A beautiful, 900 sq ft, open workshop space which can accommodate up to 120 people, with a kitchenette and bathroom
  • Our very own Gateway Bookstore, designed to support your heart’s endeavors with it’s vast selection of books, crystals, and healing gifts to accompany your spiritual practice

We warmly welcome your presence here at the Gateway Portal.